About Pedasi

Compared to landscapes in Tuscany and France with serenity´s fresher air...

Pedasi General Info

Pedasi is a coastal town in the Azuero Peninsula on Panama’s Pacific Coast. It is known for its beautiful beaches surrounded by hilly tropical landscapes.

Premier Holiday Destination

The development of a few high-end residential projects in the Pedasi area in the past few years cemented its positioning as premier holiday home destination for locals and international (mostly North American) markets. Further projects are currently being developed at full pace. The Pedasi area offers among the best sport fishing and diving in Panama, also boasting of long expanses of sandy tropical beaches that host international surfing competitions.

Infrastructure Development

Pedasi’s warm exotic beaches and attractive hilly surroundings make it a perfect “get away” holiday destination . It is located a four hour drive away from Panama City along the PanAmerican Highway, or 50 minute flight from the capital, making access easy and convenient.

The increase in current and expected visitor numbers to the area engendered an infrastructure development drive that includes:

- Rio Hato International Airport, an hour and a half drive from Pedasi, is open and is receiving international flights from Canada, Ecuador, Venezuela and Europe.

- Extension of Pan-pacific highway to the region that shortens the drive from Panama City to only 4 hours

- Extension of the local airport offering 3 flights a week from Panama City to Pedasi  (www.airpanama.com


- A new hospital in the region to be completed by the end of 2013

 Capital International fully owns of 2 exceptional tracts of land in the Pedasi area and is offering them for sale: PedaseaForest & Pedasi Oceanview