Heart of opportunity and Center of the world

Panama is strategically located in Central America and has been economically benefiting from its location and the successful operation and growth of the Panama Canal. Its remarkable economic performance in the last decade turned Panama into one of the leading investment opportunities in Latin America. The ongoing political stability and the recent signing of a Trade Promotion Agreement with the US (“TPA”) has further cemented its positioning as an attractive investment destination.

Financial data:

  • Panama´s economy is growing at annual rate over 10%
  • Panama´s credit rating is BBB -Positive
  • Panama has 92% literacy rate
  • The 2013 unemployment rate forecast is 3.95%
  • The U.S. dollar is the official currency simplifying any foreign investment process
  • Panama has a developed banking sector that includes mayor international banks with more than 40 billion dollars in assets
  • Panamá, has special retirement legislation that offered foreigners incentives and discounts to use their pensions .

Large national projects, such as the expansion of the Panama Canal and Colon Free Zone, new refineries , new airports and hydro-electrical stations, are expected to increase Panama’s economic growth over the coming years.